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{2014 in retrospect}

Looking back on 2014, it's hard to choose our favorite moments.  We had quite an adventure!  At one wedding, the groom was locked out of the ceremony until we ran down the aisle to stop the processional.  There were tons of spills - Shout Wipes are magic.  We saw lots of laughs, tears of sadness, tears of happiness, same-sex marriage being legalized in state after state, more than a few cake smashes, the ABLE Act becoming a bill, rainy wedding days with dancing in the rain, expanded Photos from the Harty, we learned how to make marshmallows and arrange flowers, we saw District Bliss grow faster than we could have imagined, we turned the cameras on each other - and so did wedding guests!, met some other amazing vendors, expanded our network, we saw babies take their first steps and speak their first words, large weddings, weddings where only the couple was present, we met more than a few inspiring athletes, made lots of friends, and unabashedly shed a few tears of happiness from behind the camera.

It was a good year.

And, while it may be somewhat impossible to show you EVERY moment that we loved throughout this year (because there are THOUSANDS), here is a very small preview of some special photographs from this past year.  Thank you to everyone who has been a part of it!  We're looking forward to making - and capturing - more amazing moments in 2015!

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Thanks for the memories! Sara, Katie, and Becca

{Photos from the Harty ı Wedding, Event, Lifestyle Photography ı Washington, DC & beyond}


Andrea Judge(non-registered)
I love your mosaic! Busy year and beautiful photos <3
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