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Photos from the Harty is a small but mighty team of wedding and event photographers in the Washington, DC area. We believe our couples need to love their photographers as much as their photos, and bring their personalities to each and every shoot.

Your story. Your day. Your memories.
Your photographs should tell your story. Even the tiniest, yet immensely important, moments are a huge part of your story; those moments should be captured as they are so you can remember them forever.

It’s not only important to love your pictures - you should also love your photographers! 

During a wedding, you spend more time with your photographers than anyone else. 

We’ll be there to help you through anything that may arise; we love to laugh and believe that making people happy is one of the best feelings in the world.

We're not afraid to crack jokes or tear up during the ceremony; we invest in knowing you and what makes you happy/beautiful/perfect.

More often than not, we bustle your dress, pin boutonnières, fix guests' outfits or hair, and even tie bowties.

We want to do whatever it takes to make your wedding day perfect. That's just us! :)

A high-touch experience.

We're here to be a resource to you. Whether you're planning a wedding and have questions about your ceremony backdrop or timeline, or wondering about which outfit to select for your family photographs - we're here to support you, answer questions, and offer guidance. 

So, keep reading to get to know us better.  If you like what you read and like what you see, reach out to us.  We look forward to meeting you!


"Photos from the Harty is the BEST! I had multiple members of my bridal party, family, and friends tell me how comfortable they felt around the photographers. In addition, they were extremely attentive, totally understood the look we were going for, and made the whole photo experience fun!" -Megan

Hi! I'm Sara (she/her), CEO & Photographer.

  • I grew up in the country; I love living in the city.
  • My background is in film photography. I taught Darkroom Photography while I getting my Masters in Fine Arts.
  • My brother gave me a popcorn maker for my birthday and it might be the best thing I've ever received.
  • I shot stills for a horror movie; afterward, I tried to watch it but was too scared.
  • I read multiple books at one time.
  • Snow will never lose its luster.
  • I burn everything I put in the toaster; at this point, it's a talent.
  • I am VERY easily excited.
  • I host a podcast about weddings, The Wedding Dish. I love using my platform to share inspiration and information while also tackling topics we don't always talk about in the wedding industry.

"Photos from the Harty is the best. Who turns a rainy day into the best wedding? They do! The attention to detail is amazing! They talk to you and gets a feel for what you want, then disappears in the background making incredible memories! Every photo flawless, and uniquely US, not your average wedding photo. Ladies, I can't imagine the best day of my life without you with us! I'm honored to see we are still your cover photo! We drank champagne and danced in the rain! And Photos from the Harty was right beside us! We love you!" -Hunter

Now you've met the owner of Photos from the Harty! If you like what you have seen and like what you have read, contact us. Our team looks forward to meeting you!