Photos from the Harty | About
Hi! We're the Photos from the Harty team!
Photos from the Harty specializes in wedding, event, and lifestyle photography. We are based in DC, but have photographed weddings all over the world.
Our goal is to tell the story of any event or wedding by capturing even the tiniest, yet immensely important, moments; we believe that the raw moments in life are already perfect, and we strive to capture those things happening in real-time in order to tell the story of your day as it is.

We've learned a lot from capturing and being a part of all types of special moments, especially weddings. One thing that has really stuck with us through the years is that

It’s not only important to love your pictures - you should also love your photographers! 


You will spend more time with us on your wedding day than anyone else. We’ll be there to help you through anything that may arise; we love to laugh and we believe that making people happy is one of the best feelings in the world. We're not afraid to crack jokes or tear up during the ceremony; we really invest in knowing you and what makes you happy/beautiful/perfect; more often than not, we bustle the bride's dress, pin boutonnières, fix guests' outfits or hair, and even tie bowties. We want to do whatever it takes to make your wedding day perfect. That's just us! :)


So, keep reading to get to know us better.  If you like what you read and like what you see, please reach out to us.  We look forward to meeting you!

Meet the Photos from the Harty Team!

Sara, Founder + Photographer
- I grew up in the country; I love living in the city
- My favorite moments are the ones when I find myself smiling in silence
- My brother gave me a popcorn maker for my birthday and it might be the best thing I've ever received
- I shot stills for a horror movie; afterward, I tried to watch it, but was too scared
- I read multiple books at one time
- Snow will never lose its luster
- I love to listen to music while I edit photographs, especially rocking out to the 80's
- My favorite color is red
- My best friend and I met when we were six years old
- I burn everything I put in the toaster; at this point, it's almost a talent
- I am VERY easily excited


Katie, Lead Photographer
- I live for iced chai lattes and parmesan cheese
- I grew up in Maryland, live in Virginia, but spend all my time in DC
- I am a firm believer that one can never have too many fuzzy blankets
- I was a figure skater for 15 years and have been dancing for 18 years
- As much as I love experiencing special moments through a lens, I also love setting my camera down every once in a while to experience the beauty of this world. 
- My family and I adopted a dog that was rescued from Hurricane Katrina
- The most rebellious thing I've ever done was dye a section of my hair purple; it was awesome
- Traveling is one of my favorite pastimes; this world is gorgeous
- I walk REALLY fast 
- I pay attention to "little" things. A stranger who holds the door, holds a place in my heart
Chris, Photographer
- I grew up in Texas near Galveston. I've been in the DC area since 2005. No, I'm not moving back; I love having four seasons
- Mussels, oysters, and Belgian beers are my weakness
- I got into photography by accident. My wife who bought a camera to take photos of our son
- Nerd alert! I'm into science and science fiction books
- My wife would say I'm a perfectionist; I say I am very thorough and organized 
- I like pumpkin beer, coffee, and pies in the Fall
- Audio books are my secret to dealing with traffic and long road trips 
- I'm a fourth generation Texas A&M Aggie, but went to Indiana University for graduate school
- I have more shoes than my wife

Now you've met the Photos from the Harty team! If you like what you have seen and like what you've read, contact us. We look forward to meeting you!