Photos from the Harty | Navy Blue Navy Yard Engagement Session | Washington, DC

Navy Blue Navy Yard Engagement Session | Washington, DC

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We met this adorable couple through a good friend of ours a few years before they got engaged

When Justin and Lauren got engaged, we couldn't have been more excited - until they asked us to photograph their engagement session and then we just about died of happiness!

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Sarah Campbell, the co-founder of District Bliss and owner of Pollyanna Events, introduced us to Justin and Lauren a few years ago on Saint Patrick's Day. We had a blast listening to stories, telling stories, and just laughing together. Sarah and Rory brought together a great group of friends and we were thrilled to be there.

Lauren-Justin-Engagement-Photography-42Lauren-Justin-Engagement-Photography-42Photos from the Harty
Lauren-Justin-Engagement-Photography-61Lauren-Justin-Engagement-Photography-61Photos from the Harty

During that time period, Lauren and Justin were pounding the pavement in the political arena, which, despite living in the Washington, DC area, is something we dont really talk about or get involved in.

After working on a campaign and hustling hard for their candidate, they fell in love. And, it is BIG love. Lauren's smile lights up the room and her laugh is contagious; when Justin looks at her, you can just see the love. Being with them is always a hoot!

Lauren-Justin-Engagement-Photography-37Lauren-Justin-Engagement-Photography-37Photos from the Harty

The proposal

When Justin makes a decision, he runs with it. The day he decided he was ready to ask Lauren to marry him, he started shopping for rings. As soon as he had the ring, he couldn't wait to propose

Lauren-Justin-Engagement-Photography-73Lauren-Justin-Engagement-Photography-73Photos from the Harty
Lauren-Justin-Engagement-Photography-53Lauren-Justin-Engagement-Photography-53Photos from the Harty

They'd planned to go out for a romantic dinner after Lauren came home from work. She was standing in the closet, selecting an outfit when she turned around to Justin on one knee with this gorgeous ring in his hand

Lauren was completely stunned and beyond thrilled! We can imagine the laughing and happy tears that immediately followed - and it makes us every time we think about it. Of course, their sweet puppy, Kyrie, was also over the moon (which she certainly shared during the wedding ceremony, but more on that later ;))

Lauren-Justin-Engagement-Photography-4Lauren-Justin-Engagement-Photography-4Photos from the Harty
Lauren-Justin-Engagement-Photography-26Lauren-Justin-Engagement-Photography-26Photos from the Harty
Lauren-Justin-Engagement-Photography-32Lauren-Justin-Engagement-Photography-32Photos from the Harty
Lauren-Justin-Engagement-Photography-16Lauren-Justin-Engagement-Photography-16Photos from the Harty
Lauren-Justin-Engagement-Photography-18Lauren-Justin-Engagement-Photography-18Photos from the Harty
Lauren-Justin-Engagement-Photography, Navy Yard, Washington DC, Nationals Park, Yards Park, Nationals, Nats, Stadium, Nats Stadium, Nationals StadiumLauren-Justin-Engagement-Photography-21Photos from the Harty<br/><br/> Lauren-Justin-Engagement-Photography-23Lauren-Justin-Engagement-Photography-23Photos from the Harty
Lauren-Justin-Engagement-Photography-45Lauren-Justin-Engagement-Photography-45Photos from the Harty
Lauren-Justin-Engagement-Photography-40Lauren-Justin-Engagement-Photography-40Photos from the Harty
Lauren-Justin-Engagement-Photography-48Lauren-Justin-Engagement-Photography-48Photos from the Harty
Lauren-Justin-Engagement-Photography-85Lauren-Justin-Engagement-Photography-85Photos from the Harty
Lauren-Justin-Engagement-Photography-54Lauren-Justin-Engagement-Photography-54Photos from the Harty
Lauren-Justin-Engagement-Photography-91Lauren-Justin-Engagement-Photography-91Photos from the Harty
Lauren-Justin-Engagement-Photography-79Lauren-Justin-Engagement-Photography-79Photos from the Harty
Lauren-Justin-Engagement-Photography-101Lauren-Justin-Engagement-Photography-101Photos from the Harty

So, how were the Cleveland Cavaliers involved in this proposal?

Justin said that he knew he was ready to get ready to get married when the Cavs won the championship

After a few minutes of laughing, he explained to us that it was the first day he really felt like he could really see his future. We just loved it, though! They are just the funniest and we cant get enough!

Lauren-Justin-Engagement-Photography-98Lauren-Justin-Engagement-Photography-98Photos from the Harty

Congratulations to these two amazing people and stay tuned for their GORGEOUS wedding!


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