Participating Vendors: District Bliss' 1st Birthday Party + Website Launch

May 22, 2015  •  Leave a Comment

Come celebrate District Bliss' 1st Birthday + Website Launch with these AMAZING vendors!

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Everyone one is invited!  Friends?  Come party with us! Family?  Yes, please!  Vendors? Of course!

We are so excited to highlight these Participating Vendors for District Bliss' upcoming event! Be sure to grab your tickets ASAP - and save $5 using our discount code TORTOISETICKET (get it? lol)

Celebrate District Bliss' 1st birthday with our website/blog launch on May 27th!  We'll be toasting to the past year, enjoying some of Silo's signature dishes + drinks (happy hour woohoo!), grooving to some live music, getting silly in the photo booth, and partying it up District Bliss style!  We'll have all the usual District Bliss perks: decor/inspiration, giveaways, signature drinks, Capitol Ideas board, and let's not forget dessert!

Dont forget to check out our amazing new website and blog, designed by Capital Society!

We cant wait to celebrate our 1st birthday with you all! :D

What can you expect?  Well, TONS of fun and...

*Live band
*Photo booth
*A signature drink (along with other HH drink options)
*Yummy bites
*Lots of fun inspiration + decor
*Great company!
*And LOTS more! Woohoo!

We will see you all there!


Participating Vendors

SweetPots Desserts - Facebook

Silo - Facebook | Twitter | Instagram

Caitlin Creative Works - Facebook | Twitter | Instagram

Buttercream Bakeshop - Facebook | Twitter | Instagram

Capital Society - Facebook | Twitter | Instagram

Doppio Music - Facebook | Twitter | Instagram

Pollyanna Events - Facebook | Twitter | Instagram

Photos from the Harty - Facebook | Twitter | Instagram

Optimum Photo Booth- Facebook | Twitter | Instagram


Tickets for the District Bliss 1st Birthday Party + Website Launch available below and on Eventbrite:


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