Marianna + Nick's Engagement Session | Meridian Hill Park | Washington, DC

December 26, 2015  •  1 Comment

Congratulations to Marianna and Nick!

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Marianna is one of Sara's oldest friends. They met in elementary school when Marianna moved into the neighborhood. Over the summers, they would ride bikes, swim in Marianna's pool, hike in the woods, or play lightning tag on the golf course behind Sara's home. They were always doing something and that something was always adventurous.

Photos from the Harty ı Wedding, Event, & Lifestyle Photography ı Photos from the Harty ı Wedding, Event, & Lifestyle Photography ı

A few years ago, three weeks after Sara started dating her now-husband, Sara flew over to Bilbao, Spain where Marianna was studying. They shared a twin bed, ran with the bulls, stayed up all night laughing and dancing to Corey Hart's Sunglasses at Night in piazzas, were attacked by birds who wanted to eat their egg sandwiches, and had many, many other adventures together. We could probably fill our entire blog with stories from that trip! It was a hoot!

When Marianna first started dating Nick, Sara just knew. He was it. He makes Marianna feel like the incredible woman she is, loves her to pieces, let's her run free and spend months overseas if that's what she wants to do, and supports her in all of her endeavors. As a friend, what more can you ask for? He's amazing and we could not be happier for Marianna and Nick!

   Photos from the Harty ı Wedding, Event, & Lifestyle Photography ı Photos from the Harty ı Wedding, Event, & Lifestyle Photography ı

Photos from the Harty ı Wedding, Event, & Lifestyle Photography ı

Congratulations, you two! Thank you for including us in all of these special memories - and all of the special memories to come! We love you two!

Photos from the Harty ı Wedding, Event, & Lifestyle Photography ı Photos from the Harty ı Wedding, Event, & Lifestyle Photography ı Photos from the Harty ı Wedding, Event, & Lifestyle Photography ı Photos from the Harty ı Wedding, Event, & Lifestyle Photography ı Photos from the Harty ı Wedding, Event, & Lifestyle Photography ı

Photos from the Harty ı Wedding, Event, & Lifestyle Photography ı

Photos from the Harty ı Wedding, Event, & Lifestyle Photography ı Photos from the Harty ı Wedding, Event, & Lifestyle Photography ı

Makeup by Rachel Lane Makeup Artistry

©Photos from the Harty ı Wedding, Event, Lifestyle Photography ı Washington, DC & beyond

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To the beautiful couple. What lovely photos to document a wonderful love!
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